Universal 4-Stroke Silencer Insert

db dawg silencer insert

This unique silencer is aimed at 4-stroke riders using tracks which are under sound restrictions yet find it hard to budget for an after-market Q or Enduro 4-stroke exhaust system to meet the new and always lowering sound requirements.

The dB Dawg simply fits into your current tail pipe whether it be a stock or after-market performance pipe and lowers the sound of the machine by around 6db, in some cases even 10db! Many people suspect that a sound reduction of this amount would mean power sacrifice but this is proven to be untrue, there are dyno prints for two of the after-market most popular machines and the power reduction is well below 0.5%, in some cases only 0.15%.

Many tracks are under threat of closure due to the noise of the 4-stroke machines, do your part...Fit the dB Dawg!

dB Dawg Common Questions

  1. Which dB dawg fits my bike?
  2. Why are the inserts differeent colors?
  3. So I still need to repack my silencer frequently?
  4. Will my bike need to be re-jetted?

Which dB dawg fits my bike?

Simply measure the bore of your tail pipe outlet from side to side across the middle (in inches) then check with the sizes below as to which insert you require.

Why are the inserts differeent colors?

dB Dawg inserts are colored for stock identification only. The inserts are anodized in a light coat and all inserts fade to a neutral bronze color within five rides.

So I still need to repack my silencer frequently?

All tail pipes should be repacked frequently whether they are stock or performance pipes. A poorly repacked tail pipe will not only cause issues but will also cause a power loss to the machine. The dB Dawg is not a replacement so you don't have to repack your silencer!

Will my bike need to be re-jetted?

dB Dawg silencers tend to make most machines run slightly richer, you will need to check your fuel mixture & jetting although in most cased all that is required is lowering your needle one to two positions.

db dawg 8031 installed

dB Dawg Sound Reduction Insert

  • Quick secure non-permanent fixing
  • Lowers sound by 6-10db
  • Installs in 5 minutes
  • Comes complete with Allen wrench required and installation instructions
  • Installs and is effective in stock and after-market pipes including Q & Enduro pipes
  • No silencer modifications required
  • Less than 0.5% power reduction
  • Fits all 4-stroke machines

**Please note CRF250 06-07 dual pipe models require only one insert.

dB DAWG Application Chart

Bike Manufacture Stock Exhaust Systems

Make Model Tear Exhaust Fitment Part # Click to buy
HONDA CRF150R 2007-2011 Stock External 8001
CRF250 2011 Stock External 8010R
CRF250 2010 Stock External 8001
CRF250 2006-2009 Stock-Dual External 8010R
CRF250 2004-2005 Stock External 8001
CRF450 2011 N/A - Outlet is too small
CRF450 2002-2010 Stock External 8001
KAWASAKI KX250F 2007-2011 Stock External 8001
KX250F 2005-2006 Stock External 8002
KX450F 2006 Stock External 8001
KX450F 2008-2011 Stock External 8002
KTM SX 250/450/525 2002-2006 Stock Oval Silencer Only** Internal 8032
SXF 2007-2008 SX New Style Muffler Internal 8031
SUZUKI RMZ250F 2008 Stock External 8002
RMZ250F 2004-2007 Stock External 8001 / 8002**
RMZ450F 2005-2011 Stock External 8001
YAMAHA YZ250F 2006-2011 Stock External 8002
YZ250F 2003-2005 Stock External 8001 / 8002**
YZ250F 2002 Stock External 8001
YZ250F 2001 Stock External 8002
YZ400 1999 Stock External 8002
YZ426F 2001-2002 Stock External 8002
YZ450F 2010-2011 Stock External 8001
YZ450F 2008-2009 Stock External 8010R
YZ450 2007 Stock External 8010B
YZ450 2003-2006 Stock External 8002
WR250 2002-2003 Stock External 8002 / 8003**


*Non-spark arrested bikes - Tapered Perf Tubes Only

**Before making your selection! Please measure the diameter of the exhaust outlet to determine the correct part number for these models.

This chart is a guideline only and we recommend that you measure the inside diameter of your exhaust outlet to determine which dB Dawg will fit your exhaust outlet best.

dB DAWG Application Chart

External Fit Exhaust Systems

Description Fitment Part # Click to buy
Exhaust Outlets from 1.31" to 1.50" External 8001
Exhaust Outlets from 1.50" to 1.75" External 8002
Exhaust Outlets from 1.75" to 2.00" External 8003


Before making your selection! Please measure the diameter of the exhaust outlet to correctly determine the part number.

dB DAWG Application Chart

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Make Model Fitment Part # Click to buy Notes
Akrapovic Evolution External 8003
Bill's Pipe Internal 8101
CHM Internal 8102  
Internal-28mm 8105 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
DRD   Internal 8102  
Internal-28mm 8105 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
FMF Ti-4 External 8003  
  Ti-4 Internal-28mm 8105 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
  Factory 4.1 External 8002 1.75" Outlet
  Factory 4.1 External-28mm 8107 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
HGS   External 8001  
Hindle Supersport Internal 8103  
Supersport External-28mm 8106 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
Jardine   Internal 8108  
Leo Vince   Internal 8109  
Pro-Circuit Ti-4 Internal 8100  
Ti-4 Internal-28mm 8105 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
Ti-4 GP Internal 8100GP  
496 Internal 8100-496  
Pro-Moto Billet End Cap Internal 8104  
Spark Arrestor Type   Internal 8102  
  Internal-28mm 8105 Meets AMA 99 dB Rule
White Brothers   External 8003  
Yoshimura RS-3 Oval External 8002  
Stainless Comp External 8002  


  • Internal fit dB Dawgs are for silencers with removable end caps only (except Hindle)
  • dB Dawgs are not suitable for carbon fiber mufflers
  • Also available - 28mm dB Dawg for custom applications to meet the AMA 99 dB rule

These charts are a guideline only. Most silencers change from year to year so we recommend that you contact us if you are not sure that one of the inserts listed will fit your silencer. Questions? Call 763-263-9835 or e-mail

*NOTE: Color fades quickly after use.


  • Silencer insert can become extremely hot after long periods of use - DO NOT TOUCH!
  • Check tightness of allen bolts before every ride
  • It is recommended that you tether the silencer to your bike - some tracks may require this
  • You must check your jetting to ensure you have the correct fuel mixture
  • Proper packing maintenance is required & will help to maintain lowered decibel readings
  • Hyde Racing or Ignition Products will not be held responsible for lost/stolen silencers or any injuries resulting from dislodged silencers due to improper installation or maintenance

Did you know?
A decrease of 6dB means the sound is now half as loud!